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Combustible Gas Detector

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of excellent quality Combustible Gas Detector that is portable in size and features a built-in micro air pump. Our Combustible Gas Detector is easy-to-use, durable and has 0 to 100% LEL range. The built-in pump of our Combustible Gas Detector draws the sample gas through the probe in case the momentary type pump switch is depressed. We provide two settable alarms both visual & audible with our Combustible Gas Detector. It is also incorporated with flame flash back arrestors to the inlet and outlet of the gas circuit. Further, the sensing head is also certified for use in hazardous locations.


Model : A (In-built Pump)


Explosive Gas Detection Made Easy With A Built-in Micro Air-pump


Features :

  • Internal pump for drawing gas sample
  • Long life Pallister detectors
  • Disposable or rechargeable battery power option
  • Cast Aluminum housing
  • Light weight, compact, durable and rugged.
  • Two alarms and low battery alarm
  • Digital readout of LEL % of gas
  • Flash back arresters on inlet & outlet


Application :

These analyzers are used for safety purposes before starting any hot work in a work area, also before man entry into an enclosed space or any area likely to have combustible gases. They may also be used for leak detection.