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Multi Point Gas Detection System

Multi Point Gas Detection System that we manufacture, export and supply is immensely acknowledged for its accurate results and flawless functionality. Multi Point Gas Detection System is a microprocessor based addressable system that has numerous exciting features.  Our microprocessor based addressable system can be availed at affordable price.


Model : Smart Sysyem-2001


Features :

  • Microprocessor Based Addressable System
  • 40 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD Display with backlighting
  • Alphanumeric Keypad for programming.
  • Function Keys
  • Silence
  • Latch Display
  • Reset
  • Sound all
  • All Detection Points are addressable.
  • A maximum of 32 detection points possible.
  • Audible alarm in control panel.
  • LED indication in control panel for Fault, Alarm & Function. RS232 Printer output, common External Hooter output with industrial hooter & Light Flasher.
  • Gas Sensor Module can be non FLP/ FLP For Toxic Gas / Combustible Gases.
  • With Relay signal output
  • LED to indicate (At Sensor location)
  • Point is being addressed, Point is in Alarm & Point is in Test
  • Cable from Controller to Gas Sensor is in single Loop hence saves enormous cost of cables then conventional system.
  • Repeater panels reflecting all readings and vital parameters of the system, up-to 8 nos. can be connected.
  • Real time Event, Alarm and Fault logging.
  • On-Line printer option for readings
  • Programming is password protected
  • Isolation and Test facility for each gas point
  • Sensor modules are addressable
  • Points are displayed sequentially


Application :

Used for continuous surveillance multi- point monitoring either toxic or flammable gases in work places or enclosed spaces.