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Online COD BOD Analyzer

Online COD BOD Analyzer that we offer is widely used to measure the level of organic contamination in wastewater and surface waters. This basic sum parameter is determined by measuring the equivalent amount of oxygen required to oxidize organic matter in the sample, often performed in off-line laboratory or, if measured on-line, by means of COD equivalent parameters. We provide Online COD BOD Analyzer at nominal rates.

Waste water compounds that can be biodegraded by activated sludge, can be divided into nitrifiable nitrogen and biodegradable organic compounds. The batch measurement of the short term BOD (BODst) is based upon continuous monitoring of the respiration rate of activated sludge, fed with the waste water. The aeration vessel (outside the analyzer) is kept filled automatically with activated sludge.

The analyzer samples a fixed volume of sludge to the respiration vessel. Next to the single oxygen sensor concept, a specific, unique procedure is used to measure the oxygen concentration of the sample in the respiration module. Each measurement is in fact a two-way flow. After a fixed time (30 seconds), the flow through the Module is reversed. The difference in oxygen concentration leads to the respiration rate (mg O2/l.h.).