Prima Equipment

Online Continuous Stack Gas Monitoring System

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Model No. : PSGM-1-D-AGS


Features :

  • Microprocessor based analyzer, Sampling Online Continuous
  • Fully integrated system in a single marshalling box
  • Suitable for wide range of gases-up to 6 gas in a single analyzer
  • Application in Boiler Stack / Furnace Stack / Incinerator Stack / Scrubber Stack / Process Stack / Thermo pack Stack
  • Measurement of following gases as per requirement: SO2, NO2, O2, CO, CO2, NO, HCL, NH3, HCN, H2S, HF & On Request
  • Auto Gas Sampling & Filtration System
  • Suitable for 300 Deg C / 600 Deg C / 1200 Deg C flue gas temperature
  • Auto Drain & Probe Cleaning System
  • No pre-heating time required
  • Low maintenance -straightforward servicing without specialist skills