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Online pH Meter

Online pH Meter that we offer is a microprocessor based pH Meter that is specially designed for batch pH control in pharmaceuticals & water treatment applications. Our Online pH Meter features advanced dual mark space algorithm for precision control and ensures minimum use of dosing reagent. Online pH Meter has 3 point electrode calibration for sensitivity application. Also, Online pH Meter has solution ground reference to eliminate ground loop problems along with digital input for control halt. Online pH Meter is a true differential input system with solution ground referencing to eliminate ground loop problems.


Direct measuring electrode principle

pH Indicator & pH Transmitter :

  • RS 485 MODBUS RTU Communication
  • High Performance design for use in difficult samples – Ultrapure Water & Non Aqueous media.
  • pH Transmitter
  • 24VDC operation
  • Ground reference 4-20mA output
  • Available in Panel Mount / Wall Mount & Flameproof enclosure


Features :

  • External Transmitter for long distance between electrode & Instrument.
  • Solution Ground referenced measurements for high accuracy.
  • Panel Mount, Wall Mount, Weatherproof & Flameproof enclosures.
  • Flame Proof enclosure features Externally Accessible Calibration Potentiometers for True Flame Proof Operation.


Type Online
Certification CE Certified
Weight 200-300gm
Voltage 6-9VDC
Display Type Digital
Frequency 50Hz-65Hz
Power Source Battery
Warranty 1 Year

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