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Personal Safety Gas Alarm

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Model : 8720


Features :

  • Two Audible & Visual Alarms, Settable by the user either high or low. Set level viewable 
  • Digital display , easy to read and operate.
  • Small, Light-weight, Compact and Rugged.
  • Works on disposable 4 nos.1.5 V Dry cell.
  • Small, light weight & with beltclip


Application :

  • Everyone, nowadays is aware of the need for environmental monitoring in the workplace atmosphere, especially where pollutants or toxic gases are encountered. Levels of concentration of toxic gases above the Occupational Exposure Limit lead to problems of health & safety of personnel.
  • Oxygen deficiency of breathing air in closed vessels & confined places is another personal hazard. For applications concerned with personnel safety, an instrument is usually required to signal alarms at two levels - the Short Term (STEL) and Long Term (TWA) Exposure Limits. These limits are the responsibility of different bodies, so the precise level and definition of each varies.